Application deadline

Innofounder - Graduate

Open for applications 4-6 weeks before the application deadline.

At that time, an apply button will appear at the bottom right of this page. 

Your application will be evaluated by an expert panel. The best applicants will be called in for a live pitch and based on this, we will make the final selection.

You are qualified to apply for innofounder Graduate if:

  • You have graduated with a public tertiary degree, a PhD degree or accredited private degree (i.e. a degree carrying entitlement to a Danish student grant) no longer than 24 months ago, counted from the date of graduation to the application deadline.

  • You are a student of such a degree, graduating no later than the start date of the Innofounder course for which you apply.

For a complete overview of the requirements, make sure you read the guidelines thoroughly. If you have read the guidelines and still have questions, please see below for contact information.

Read more about Innofounder here

To applicants

The application consists of an administrative part with factual information, a technical description of the company and the project as well as a budget. It is not permitted to change the layout of the application form or insert additional material than what described. 

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