Innovation Fund Denmark invests in mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships that will make a significant contribution to the green transformation of society and the development of sustainable climate technologies for the benefit of Denmark and the rest of the world.

Four green missions

With the Green Research Strategy from September 2020, the Danish government highlights four specific green research and innovation missions that will contribute to the green transition nationally.

The four missions are:

  • Capture and storage or use of CO2
  • Green fuels for transport and industry (Power-to-X, etc.)
  • Climate- and environment-friendly agriculture and food production
  • Circular economy with a focus on plastics and textiles

Green research and innovation partnerships

In the agreement on the Research Reserve 2021, a total of 700,000,000 DKK is set aside to establish Green Research and Innovation Partnerships that meet the specific missions.

The goal of the partnerships is to:

  1. contribute to achieving the target of 70% reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in Denmark by 2030 and net-zero emissions by 2050, and strengthening environment and nature
  2. contribute to increased competitiveness of Danish business and industry.

The investments in mission-driven partnerships will accelerate the development of cutting-edge green solutions through strategic and coherent green research ranging all the way from strategic research to commercialization.

The success of the green transition relies heavily on a systemic development of technologies and solutions, in close cooperation and coordination between relevant players in the whole value chain, with a long-term focus.

To achieve the ambitious goal, the missions should:

  • be based on a comprehensive assessment of the set of innovative solutions needed to achieve transformative impact in one of the defined mission areas,
  • outline a group of synergistic, sequential innovation projects / efforts (mission roadmap) to achieve a clearly defined transformative impact,
  • specify how the Danish efforts fit into / relate to / leverage relevant efforts at the European and global level, drawing on current or potential Danish strengths,
  • and be executed by one or more self-established agile partnerships per mission area that comprise a diverse set of stakeholders, are interdisciplinary and possibly include international partners

Two-phase call process

The selection of Green Research and Innovation Partnerships will be the result of a two-phase call process:

Phase 1: Development and decision on mission roadmaps

All relevant players in the Danish research and innovation system are called upon to develop a socio-technical roadmap back-tracking from 2050 describing challenges and gaps within the mission, strongholds and potential and sketch key activities and relevant workstream themes for future partnerships.

An international panel of experts is expected to assist the IFD board of directors in selecting one or more roadmaps under each mission to form the backbone of the activities in future mission-driven partnerships.

Call: Roadmaps for mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships (Innomission-roadmaps)

Published: March 17, 2021
Deadline: May 12, 2021

Phase 2: Call for partnerships

The call for partnerships will be announced following the selection of roadmaps. The selection of partnerships will be based on a thorough evaluation and selection process, including international peer reviewers, on the actions within the scope of the selected roadmaps. There can be one or more partnership within each mission.

The Board of Directors of the Innovation Fund Denmark will make the final decision.

Call: Mission-driven green research and innovation partnerships (Innomission partnerships)

Published: August 16, 2021
Deadline: October 19, 2021


Process for roadmaps and green partnerships


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