The international perspective is vital to a country like Denmark, which has an open economy, clear positions of strength and a culture of international collaboration and trade. International collaboration is a key element in strengthening and constantly developing Danish research and innovation.

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Multinational research projects on Personalised Medicine for Neurodegenerative Diseases International collaborations Pre-announcement int-s
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Bilateral collaborations
IFD engage annually in 3-4 bilateral calls. Mostly with countries outside Europe

Countries and topics varies from year to year depending on strategic priorities and IFD’s annual budget.

In 2018 IFD have had calls with China, India and Brazil. As a part of IFDs strategy we plan to continue the cooperation and to have other calls with growth regions or countries outside Europe.

Current collaborations

Brasilien – Danmark 
Et samarbejde mellem Innovationsfonden og Brasiliens forskningsfond, Sao Paolo Research Foundation (FAPESP) vedrørende innovative forskningsprojekter i fødevarerindustrien. Programmet er rettet mod SMV’er i samarbejde med universiteter og forskningsinstitutioner.

Opslag i 2018: Ja
Kontakt: Thomas Mathiasen
Tel.: +45 6190 5063

Kina – Danmark
Innovationsfonden og ”Ministry of Science and Technology of China” (MoST) samarbejder om et program i forskning indenfor system integrering af vindmølle energi og energi lagring samt effektivitet.

Opslag i 2019: Der er ikke besluttet budget for 2019
Kontakt: Anitha K. Sharma
Tel.: +45 6190 5048

Indien – Danmark
Innovationsfonden, Department of Science and Technology (DST) og Department of Biotechnology (DBT) I Indien samarbejder om forskning indenfor globale vandudfordringer og nye energimuligheder.

Opslag i 2019: Der er ikke besluttet budget for 2019
Kontakt: Anitha K. Sharma
Tel.: +45 6190 5048



Eurostars is a collaboration between 35 EUREKA member countries and Horizon2020. Eurostars is a dedicated programme for research-intensive SMEs in all areas. EUREKA countries outside Europe such as  Canada, South Korea, Turkey, South Africa and Israel also participe in Eurostars. Innovation Fund Denmark collaborates with Danish Regions in offering advice on Eurostars.  Please see regional contacts in the right-hand column.
Call in 2018: Yes
Deadline: 13th September, 2018
Budget in 2018: DKK 60m. Budget in 2019 has not yet been decided
Programme description:

EUREKA InnoVest Programme 

EUREKA InnoVest Programme (E!nnoVest) is EUREKA’s new investment initiative that aims to make innovative SMEs ready to meet international investors. The programme is open for all Danish SMEs who have participated in one of programs of Innovation Fund Denmark.
InnoVest offers pitch training through webinars, coaching by investors from selected companys, and pitching of the idea at investor events throughout Europe. 
Programme description:


We assume that the participating Danish SMEs meet the following requirements at the time of application:

  • are research intensive
  • have a turnover at the time of application
  • can document that it has the resources to complete its part of the Eurostarts project –economically and in terms of knowledge
  • only one application per Danish SME can be submitted per call. If more are submitted they will all be disqualified    

The SME definition is the EU definition, i.e. up to 250 full time employees and a total turnover of EUR 50m or less. See the EU SME definitions here.

SME’s have to include the most updated approved annual account or a business plan if they do not yet have an approved annual account. The SME’ must have an annual turnover off no less than DKK 2 million or attracted a minimum of DKK500,000 in external capital over the last three years. Alternatively if it is a start-up company it must show a solid business plan.

Scientific reports: Danish project participants must submit a progress report to Innovation Fund Denmark every six months.

Financial reports: You are free to choose whether to submit financial reports on a quarterly or six-monthly basis. Grants are paid on the basis of expenditure incurred.

Audit reports: An annual audit report is required. Companies must have the accounts audited by a state-authorised public accountant. Research Institutes can have their accounts audited by the Institute’s financial controller.

Find templates for: period reports etc. here

The final report:  The final report format is issued by the Eurostars secretariat and must be submitted no later than six months after project closure.

Subsidy rates for Danish project participants approved after March 2015

Payroll rate: The subsidy covers primarily payroll costs. Companies should calculate the payroll cost from a flat-rate of DKK 750 per hour incl. overheads. Other project participants should calculate the payroll cost from the actual hourly pay + an overhead rate.

Subsidy frame: The maximum subsidy rate of €300.000 (DKK 2.25m) applies if there is just one Danish participant in the project. Are there two or more Danish participants, who participate in the project on equal terms, the subsidy can be increased to €500.000 (DKK 3.75m) per project. “Equal terms” means that each of the Danish participants actively contributes to the project in terms of commitment and involvement as well as including a project budget proportionate with the overall project budget.

Subsidy for equipment: The maximum subsidy is for DKK 40.000 per Danish participant for equipment and office costs etc. If the project requires purchase of specific equipment or materials in excess of DKK 40.000, these costs needs to be approved separately by Innovation Fund Denmark.


NB! Danish universities, hospitals, other public organisations, GTS’ and large enterprises will have have their funding rates reduced by 50% if an Danish SME is not participating in the project.

De minimis investment for SME’s as an option: As an alternative to the above public investment under the GBER, Danish SME’s can choose to be financed according to The European Commission’s de minimis regulation no. 1407/2013. If the de minimis regulation is applied the maximum investment for the SME in a three years period is 200.000€ (app. 1.5 mDKK). Under the de minimis regulation salary is calculated on the basis of a fixed hourly rate of 750 DKK (app. 100€) per hour including overhead. Other costs are calculated as actual costs without overhead. IFD’s funding rates for de minimis is 60% for SME’s of the calculated cost for basis and industrial research, and 33% for SME’s for experimental research activities.

Strategic programmes
Participation in strategic international programmes which aim is to promote Danish commitment in international research and innovation

The international programmes are linked to IFD’s national programmes and very much reflects IFD’s strategic impetus. The purpose is to cooperate with the best on developing new knowledge and solutions that strengthen knowledge based growth and employment in Denmark. IFD is engaged in three organisations offering strategic thematical programmes and calls:  

  • Cofinanced programmes under EU’s Horizon 2020 programme for research and innovation
  • NordForsk under the Nordic Council of Ministers
  • EUREKA and GlobalStars supported by 45 member states from Europe and beyond

In 2018 IFD introduced a new administration platform governing all international strategic calls. The General Terms and Condition for International Projects can be found above under Strategy and Guidelines.

As an integrated part of the new administration all Danish participants must register in our national e-grant database and uploade the international application form including any financial annexes as pdf’s. The Danish participants have a grace period on 2 weeks after the international application date to register in e-grant.

EU’s Horizon 2020, NordForsk and EUREKA

JPI AMR – Antimicrobial resistance
Programmet antimikrobiel resistens (AMR) adresserer den globale effekt af øget antibiotika forbrug og deraf følgende resistens til disse. Forskning i udbredelse af AMR og løsninger er i fokus.

Læs programbeskrivelse:
Opslag i 2018: IFD har ikke afsat budget til JPI AMR i 2018
Kontakt: Thomas Mathiasen
Tel.: +45 6190 5063

JPI JPND – Neurodegenerative Disease Research
Joint Programme Neurodegenerative Disease Research (JPND) er det største EU program der adresserer udfordringen ved neurodegenerative sygdomme og tilstræber koordinering af forskningsinitiativer i det område.

Læs programbeskrivelse:
Opslag i 2019: Der er ikke besluttet budget for 2019
Kontakt: Peter Aadal Nielsen
Tel.: +45 6190 5064

JPI Climate
JPI Climate er et samarbejde mellem 16 Europæiske lande om at koordinere og styrke forskning  i klima forandringer og løsninger til forhindring / modvirkning af disse.

Opslag i 2019: Der er ikke besluttet budget for 2019
Kontakt: Anitha K. Sharma
Tel.: +45 6190 5048

JPI MYBL – More Years, Better Life
Europe faces large challenges within the coming years due to increased life expectancy and decreasing birth rates, creating an unbalanced demographic composition. A changed demographic composition of the population has implications for a number of research and policy areas. This JPI seeks to coordinate research and research programmes across nations and disciplines within four focus areas: 1) Quality of life, health and well-being; 2) Economic and social production; 3) Governance and institutions; and 4) Sustainable welfare.

Opslag i 2019: Der er ikke besluttet budget for 2019
Contact: Bettina Hauge
Tel.: +45 6190 5006

Formålet med ERA-GAS er at styrke den internationale satsning og koordinering af forsknings programmer relateret til minimering af udledning af drivhus gasser fra landbrug. Er en del af JPI FACCE.

Opslag i 2019: Der er ikke besluttet budget for 2019
Kontakt: Thomas Mathiasen
Tel.: +45 6190 5063

Quant ERA
Følgende ERA Net omhandler koordinering af aktiviteter indenfor kvantum teknologi.

Opslag i 2019: Der er ikke besluttet budget for 2019
Kontakt: Michael A. E. Hansen
Tel.: +45 6190 5037

Globalstars Photonics

Denmark, The Netherlands, France and DoIT of Taiwan participates in a call on photonics. You can choose to focus on a bilateral cooperation between partners in Denmark and Taiwan or involve partners from tree or four paticipating countries. Danish applications must, however involve commercial partners from Taiwan and Denmark.

Call in 2018: Joint call between NL, France, Denmark and DoIT of Taiwan on Photonics
Call open: 6. August 2018
Call deadline: 17. October 2018
Contact jens Peter

EUREKA Network and EUREKA Clusters

EUREKA is a network consisting of 45+ member countries from Europe and a countries around the world. EUREKA network projects are coordinated by the EUREKA Secretariat and the participating member countries. EUREKA Cluster projects are coordinated by the individual EUREKA Clusters and the participating member countries. Denmark has no dedicated EUREKA budget. Self-financing of or alternative funding is an alternative to dedicated national funding.

Budget for 2019 has not yet been decided
Contact: Jens Peter Vittrup
Tel.: +45 6190 5023

Programme description: eurekanetwork.ord

Nordic Call on Personalised Medicine (NordicPermed)

The Icelandic Centre for Research (RANNÍS), Innovaatiorahoituskeskus Business Finland, Innovation Fund Denmark, the Research Council of Norway and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA), in collaboration with NordForsk, are launching a call for proposals with the aim of funding Nordic projects that contribute to implementation of PM in health care. The call builds on strengths and synergies in the Nordic countries. The total funding budget is EUR 15 million.

Grand Solutions
- with international partners

IFD encourage Danish applicants to invite relevant international partners to participate in their Grand Solutions applications if they can contribute to a better and faster solution.

Any legal entity (such as an enterprise, a research institution or a public institution) in or outside Denmark, directly involved in the project activities, is eligible to receive funding from IFD. For details of the maximum investment rate for the different types of participants look here


Please find specific contact information on the list of programmes

General contact for International Collaborations

Jens Peter Vittrup, Tlf. 6190 5023, mail:

Martin Kyvsgaard, Tlf. 6190 5081, mail:

Innovation Fund Denmark, phone hours: 09:00-15:00, Tlf. 6190 5000