Requirements for responsible research and innovation

Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) within Innovation Fund Denmark.

RRI aims to strengthen the links between research & innovation processes and results and societal values and needs.

Innovation Fund Denmark strives to advance RRI in both its overall strategies and via its projects and the Fund adheres to the European Commission’s definition and implementation of RRI.

We have designed our investment types and evaluation criteria in such a way as to encourage projects to focus on ‘societal commitment’ and ‘research training’. To that end, projects are specifically encouraged to:

  • Involve all relevant stakeholders and institutions in the research and innovation process
  • Cultivate a keen focus on future users
  • Engage in formal and informal cross-institutional research training

By involving all relevant stakeholders in the research and innovation process projects may potentially create more sustainable and long-term results. And by making formal and informal research training an integral part of the projects, they will not only generate research and innovation results, but also train the next generation of researchers.

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