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The political agreement 'Distribution of the research reserve 2023' implies that a large part of the funds of Innovation Fund Denmark are themed.

This means that Innovation Fund Denmark can invest in research and innovation projects within the following themes in 2023:

  • Digitalisation, technology and innovation
  • Green research, technology development and innovation
  • Life science, health and welfare technology

The themes apply to the programs Innofounder, Innobooster, Innoexplorer, Industrial Researcher, Grand Solutions and International Cooperation.

The specific implementation of the themes for the individual programs is described in the guidelines for the program in question. Find an overview of the programs here

However, the Innofounder, Innoexplorer and Industrial Researcher programs also have funds that are not earmarked for the politically prioritized areas.

As something new, Innovation Fund Denmark is also establishing a new program for quantum research and quantum technology in 2023.

Read more in 'Agreement on the distribution of the research reserve in 2023'