Innoexplorer Innoexplorer i-e 1188
ITEA – EUREKA Industrial cluster call on software innovation International Collaborations int-s 1172
Extension of the Innofounder Course due to the COVID-19 Crisis Innofounder Graduate Vi modtager løbende ansøgninger frem til d. 15. november 2020 kl. 12.00 i-f 1189
Robust optimization of flow meters using computational fluid dynamics with quantified uncertainty 2021 - 2023 Industrial Researcher
3D Ejendomsudformning 2020 - 2022 Industrial Researcher
3D-CT custom made HipCap implant for osteoarthritis 2020 - 2021 Innoexplorer
ABCAP 2020 - 2023 International collaborations
Investments 2018

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