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South Korea EUREKA Call on Advanced Materials

EUREKA call on applied research and innovation project proposals in the field of Advanced Materials and Green Transition.


Universities, research organisations and large enterprises as well as SME’s. Consortia’s must include partners from South Korea and partners from one or more of the participating countries.


Salaries, travels, materials, equipment (depreciation), and subcontracting.

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Max funding is €300.000 per partner and €500.000 per project.

Within the context of EUREKA, South Korea is issuing a call for proposals for research and innovation projects on Advanced Materials. IFD will prioritize applications having a strong impact on green transition within its thematic area. The call has 10-15 participating countries and a call budget of around EUR 20-25 million. The deadline for submissions of the EUREKA application is 30. June 2020.

The Korea Institute for Advancement of Technology (KIAT) has taken the initiative to open a EUREKA call on applied research within Advanced Materials with a special focus on green transition technologies. 10-15 EUREKA countries supports the call. Consortia’s must include partners from South Korea and partners from one or more of the participating countries.

Danish and Korean Pre-consortia building Video conference the 27. March 2020

To promote the call and encourage matchmaking, KIAT and IFD are arranging a video-conference, where a selected number of partners will get the chance to pitch their project proposal. It will be possible to join the pitch-sessions online and follow up through virtual meetings to get in touch with relevant partners.

Read more about the video conference

Topics for the call

IFD prioritise the following topics in the call:

  •  Secondary Batteries and Sensor Technology, including
    - Energy Storage
  • Carbon Industry and Chemistry, including
    - Lightweight Materials, Composites and Recycle of Plastics
    - Nano Materials and Plastic materials
  • Machinery, Robots, and Metal Industry

Innovation sparring course

Danish SMEs with a membership at CLEAN Cluster can be awarded an innovation sparring course with the Danish Innovation Center in Seoul, where the focus would be on entering into partnerships in Korea - including research on funding opportunities, technology development and sparring throughout the process

 Read more about ICDK and CLEAN 

Deadlines and further information:

  • Call opening: Medio January 2020
  • Deadline: 30. June 2020 CET 18:00
  • Deadline for registration of Danish participants in e-grant: 14. July 2020
  • Funding decision Q4 2020

Read the full call description


For specific questions related to the budget, criteria and rules of Innovation Fund Denmark, please consult International Coordinator:

Scientific Advisor
Sune Dalgaard Ebbesen
Phone: + 45 6190 5030


Senior Advisor & National EUREKA representative
Jens Peter Vittrup,
Phone: +45 6190 5023

Please always include our general mailbox address in your communication with IFD:

Danish funding conditions
Specific National rules

IFD funds projects with at least one Danish industrial partner. IFD can fund all types of partners, and encourage universities, research organisations and large enterprises as well as SME’s to participate in the call.

IFD can fund up to €300.000 to a Danish partner and up to €500.000 to all partners if there are more than one Danish partner in an application.

In international projects IFD only fund Danish organisations participating as partners or coordinators in the projects if their project activities take place in Denmark. Subcontracting to Danish or foreign organisations can to a limited extend take place if declared in the application or later approved by IFD.

In this call IFD focus on green transition. Applications within Secondary Batteries and Sensor Technology, Carbon Industry and Chemistry and Machinery, Robots, and Metal Industry will be prioritized

Eligible costs and funding rates

Eligible costs and funding rates

National registration

Each Danish applicant must register in the national e-grant system and upload the EUREKA application and all other call documents no later than 2 weeks after the call deadline.

Contact persons

Scientific Advisor
Dr. Sune Dalgaard Ebbesen
Phone:+45 6190 5030

Senior Advisor & National EUREKA Point of Contact
Jens Peter Vittrup
Phone: +45 6190 5023

We invest in international collaboration to strengthen Danish research and to promote Danish innovative solutions.

The global perspective is vital to a country like Denmark with an open economy, clear positions of strength, and a culture of international ties and trade. International collaboration is a key element in constantly developing and strenghtening Danish research and innovation.

Innovation Fund Denmark offers 4 entries to International Collaborations:

  • The national Grand Solutions programme, where foreign partners can be invited to participate
  • Strategic thematic programmes within Horizon 2020, Nordic cooperation, EUREKA and GlobalStars
  • Eurostars for research intensive SME’s
  • Bilateral cooperation with countries outside Europe