Eurostars for research intensive SME's
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Eurostars is an international programme for research and innovation intensive SME's.

Eurostars is open for market oriented development projects for all disciplines and themes. 35 European and a few countries outside of Europe participate in Eurostars.

At least two partners from two Eurostars participating states must participate in a project. At least 50% of the work load in the project must be conducted by the participating research intensive SME’s.


The duration of a Eurostars project can last up to three years (36 months) and a product or a service must be ready for market introduction no later than two years after the conclusion of the Eurostars-project.

Application deadlines

There are two annual deadlines. One in March and one in September. You can expect a reply on your application four to five months after the application deadline. All Danish participants must register in IFD’s e-grant portal and upload a pdf version of the application form no later than 14 days after the application.

Who can apply for Eurostars funding?

  • Only research intensive SME’s can hand in applications. But other type of partners are welcome to participate in the projects as well.
  • A research intensive SME is defined by having at least 10% of its turnover or its full time employees (FTE) dedicated to research and innovation.
  • If the SME has from 50 to 99 employees, 5 FTEs dedicated to research and innovation is sufficient.
  • Find Eurostars guidelines with information on project participants, deadlines, application forms here.

Jens Peter Vittrup, Innovation Fund Denmark
Tel.: 6190 5023, e-mail:   

Maria Heilskou Pedersen, Region Central Denmark
Tel.: +32 2 880 34 16, e-mail:

Siri Raahede Bentzen, Region South Denmark
Tel.:  +32 477 778 533, e-mail:

Else Dyekjær Mejer, Region South Denmark
Tel.: +32 2 285 40 96, e-mail:

Katrine Krogh Balslev, Region Zealand, CapNova
Tel: +45 2382 1419, e-mail:

Rasmus Aspe Mørk, Capital Region
Mobil: +32 (0) 477 95 87 28 // Direct + 45 38 66 55 91, e-mail:

IFD cooperates with the Bruxelles offices of Danish Regions

IFD cooperates with the Danish regions offices in Bruxelles on promotion of Eurostars. The cooperation includes info-meetings, promotion and practical help to applicants from the individual regions.

Mail you regional contact for further information.

Region Central Denmark
Maria Heilskou Pedersen
Tlf: +32 2 880 34 16, e-mail:

Region Syddanmark
Siri Raahede Bentzen
Tlf.:  +32 477 778 533, e-mail:

Else Dyekjær Mejer
Tlf.: +32 2 285 40 96, mail:

Capital Region
Rasmus Aspe Mørk
Mobil: +32 (0) 477 95 87 28 / direkte + 45 38 66 55 91, e-mail:

Region Zealand
Kirsten Ejdum Bøgh
Tlf.: 61 88 53 06, e-mail: