Innovation Fund Denmark's politically determined focus areas

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In the agreement on the research reserve 2021, the politicians have identified three themes that form the framework for Innovation Fund Denmark's investments.

The agreement provides for four of the Fund's programs; Innobooster, Industrial Researcher, Grand Solutions and International Collaborations, adapt to the themes of 2021.

You can read about the three themes below.

The actual implementation of the themes on each program will be stated in the individual programs and call.

Ambitious and lasting green research and innovation initiatives

Danish research and innovation must contribute to solving the big and difficult challenges that are crucial to achieving the government's green goals. Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and innovation projects that can develop the green technologies and solutions needed to transform Denmark into a sustainable future, where we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our environment and nature and create a green business adventure in Denmark.

This applies to green projects in energy production and efficiency, agriculture and food production, transport, the environment and the circular economy, nature and biodiversity, as well as sustainable behavior and the social consequences of climate change. Central to the projects that can be supported is that they make a significant contribution to the green transition and that the expectations for these contributions can be clarified in the applications.

Green Partnerships
The fund will also invest in green partnerships that accelerate and focus research and innovation efforts within the four politically appointed green missions: capture and storage or use of CO2, green fuels for transport and industry (Power-to-X, etc.), climate and environmentally friendly agriculture and food production as well as circular economy with a focus on plastics and textiles.

Read the agreement on the research reserve 2021 (in Danish)

Life science, health and welfare technology

Innovation Fund Denmark supports Denmark's strong knowledge and research position in life science, health and welfare technology by investing in research and innovation projects that develop solutions and technologies that benefit citizens 'health, companies' bottom line and Denmark's international competitiveness.

The Foundation invests in challenge-driven health projects at all stages of the research and innovation value chain, which can drive future health, economic or societal development forward.

Innovation Fund Denmark's investments can include contribute to new knowledge and development of new health and welfare technologies, streamlining services in the public sector, improvements in prevention services and treatments in the primary and hospital sector, as well as psychiatry and reducing inequalities in health.

The fund's investments must also contribute to strengthening clinical research in Denmark for eg to support quality and efficiency in the health care system, good patient care and attracting foreign research investments to Denmark - with special focus on the clinical research conducted at hospitals and other public research institutions, including independent and patient-centered clinical research. The foundation can also invest in clinical research, which contributes to the development of personalized medicine, the development of the digital health area, including the health data area, artificial intelligence and increased virtual and technological use in connection with. conducting clinical trials.

Read the agreement on the research reserve 2021 (in Danish)

Technology and innovation that contributes to developing production and creating jobs in Denmark

Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and the utilization of technological opportunities and innovation that can contribute to creating growth and value in Denmark.

The fund's investments must create a breeding ground for Danish companies and foreign companies located in Denmark to develop products and new knowledge-based solutions that contribute to growth and employment in Denmark.

The investments can ia support the development of robotic and drone technologies and other automated production technologies.

Innovation Fund Denmark also invests in projects that contribute to the development of the digital area, including artificial intelligence and digital transformation. This also applies to projects that create new knowledge about the significance of digitalisation for people and society or examine ethical and moral aspects of the new technological development and use of artificial intelligence in a Danish context.

The fund can also invest in projects that contribute to creating better and more gentle jobs in Denmark for the benefit of employees and companies' bottom line via eg research into physical, mental and chemical work environment or new forms of organization and business.

Read the agreement on the research reserve 2021 (in Danish)