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Agreement on the research reserve: New money for green missions, quantum and life science etc.

A broad majority of the parties in the Danish parliament have now entered into an agreement on the Research Reserve 2023, and we can therefore soon tell you how Innovation Fund Denmark will allocate funds this year within the politically prioritized areas.

Based on the agreement on the research reserve, Innovation Fund Denmark will provisionally disburse DKK 1,642 million in 2023.

  • Approximately DKK 620 million has been earmarked for green research and innovation that will contribute to the green solutions of the future.
  • Approximately half of this is earmarked for efforts in the four green mission partnerships : INNO-CCUS , MissionGreenFuels , AgriFoodTure and Trace
  • In addition, Innovation Fund Denmark must disburse around DKK 400 million for research and innovation in the following areas: digitalisation, technology and innovation – production and workplaces in Denmark.
  • DKK 150 million has been earmarked for a strategic research program within quantum technology.
  • A further DKK 335 million is earmarked for life science, health and welfare technology.
  • And DKK 1.7 million has been set aside specifically for business PhDs for companies in Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

In addition to the funds from the research reserve for disbursement through Innovation Fund Denmark, approximately DKK 100 million has been set aside in the Finance Act for entrepreneurship, proof-of-concept and stem cell research under Innovation Fund Denmark.

The foundation expects to be able to announce deadlines for programmes, calls and guidelines within the next few weeks.

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