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Grants to employees of public research and educational institutions and hospitals who have research results with commercial or societal potential that require clarification or maturation.


Employees who conduct research at Danish research and educational institutions or hospitals. You must not have established a company based on knowledge in relation to the project.


Co-financing of expenses for employees' salaries, fees for external, project-specific materials and overhead for the institution.

How much?

We invest in projects from DKK 500,000 to DKK 1.5 million. The project can last up to 12 months.

A contact person has been appointed at each institution, whom you must contact in order to involve the institution as early as possible in the application process.

List of contacts and signatories

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September 1, 2021, at 12.00
Application deadline
Week 39 (September 27 - October 1, 2021)
Panel meetings
Week 41 (11 - 15 October 2021)
Response to application
The program
Who can apply?

To search Innoexplorer, please:

  • be employed at a Danish public hospital or a public research and education institution and conduct research in connection with your employment.
  • have produced research results or new knowledge that could potentially be used commercially or in society at large.

You can apply alone or in groups.

You must not have already established a company based on the knowledge or results that are the starting point for the project. You must also not set up such a business for the duration of the project.

What can I apply for investment for?

You can apply for grants to mature and clarify whether your research results can be exploited commercially or otherwise benefit society.

In the project, eg enter into the following activities:

  • Identifying potential uses.
  • Strengthening the commercial potential or societal perspectives of the invention.
  • Reduction of specific risk elements.
  • Testing of prototypes.
  • Preparation of business case.
  • Establishment of teams and partnerships for further business development.
How much money can I apply for?

You can apply between DKK 500,000 - DKK 1,500,000 (incl. Overhead)

Innovation Fund Denmark pays the money to the institution you are employed at. The institution pays the money to you and your project.


What can the money finance?
  • The investment covers the expenses of the employees' salaries
  • Project-related costs
  • as well as other expenses for eg consulting services.


How do I apply

1. Contact the contact person at your institution

Before you can apply, the institution you are affiliated with must be involved in the application process. The institution must assess whether the project and the knowledge or results you are working on have a high quality and great potential.

Before you start your application, you must therefore enter into a dialogue with your contact person. Together you will find out if you should proceed with your application.

In this connection, be aware that your institution may have internal deadlines and procedures that differ from Innovation Fund Denmark.

Find your contact in the menu item "Contacts and signatories at institutions" below

2. Submit an application

Your application must be created and submitted via the electronic application system:

You must register as a user of the system with either a username and password or with NemID before you can create an application.

You create a new application by finding the correct call under "Search Options" and pressing "Start your application".

Note that the list of search options is sorted alphabetically, and that the names of all calls from Innovation Fund Denmark start with "IF".

You must write your application in either Danish or English.

You can find a guide to e-grant on the website of the Ministry of Education and Research

Present your project to a panel
If you are selected to present your project to an expert panel, prepare for a 10-minute presentation and then 15 minutes for questions and dialogue with the panel.

What must the application contain?

The presentation is the primary information about the project. It forms the basis for the assessment and is also used for a possible presentation of the project to the Innoexplorer panel. The presentation should therefore, as far as possible, be self-explanatory. The presentation can contain a maximum of 15 slides

The presentation must include <€:

  • Project Description
  • Project Plan
  • Commercialization Strategy
  • Business potential
  • Team

The presentation must be max. 15 slides.

The budget is filled in the Excel template that can be downloaded from the Innoexplorer website or during the application process in

The statement of support from the institution must confirm that the institution finds the project qualified and promising in the form in which it is submitted and that the institution is prepared to undertake to support the implementation of the project through eg access to relevant facilities. A statement of support must be completed in the template available on the Innoexplorer website or via the application process in

Contact persons and signatories at institutions



Karen Laigaard, , +45 3532 7054

Contact person:
Hanne Junker Elmelund,, +45 3059 0854



Anette Poulsen Miltoft, , +45 8715 3238

Contact person:
Morten Holmager, +45 9350 8718,



Signer and contact person:
Thomas Schmidt, , +45 6550 7547



Team leader Lene Lillebro, , +4546742332

Contact person:
Special Consultant Robert Pederson, , +4546743859



Peter Rasmussen, , +45 9940 9335

Contact person:
Jens Frede Rasmussen, , +45 9940 7189



Jakob Svagin, , +45 2872 0488

Contact person:
Michael Persson, , +45 6054 4031



Annedorte Vad,, +45 3815 2082

Contact person:
Nikolaj Burmeister, nb.research @, +45 3815 2684



Jens Christian Godskesen, , +45 7218 5276

Contact person:
Lene Dahl Prahm, , +45 7218 5159



Henrik Ullum: , +45 32 68 37 33

Contact person:
Michael Andersson, , + 45 3268 8399



Awaiting clarification

Contact person:
Awaiting clarification



Awaiting clarification

Contact person:
Awaiting clarification

Professional Colleges


Lene Mosegaard Søberg,, 7266 5228

Contact person:
Jesper von Seelen, , +45 7266 5257



David Mayntz, , +457269 0327

Contact person:
Lone Varn Johannsen, , +45 7269 0794



Kathrine Krageskov Eriksen, , +45 7248 2646

Contact person:
Signe Bodil Nipper Nielsen, , +45 7248 2633


Poul Skov Dahl,

Contact person:
Conny Wang Hansen,


Andreas Rasch-Christensen, , +45 8755 1712

Contact person:
Erik Løvgren Brejner, , +45 8755 4411



Tobias Lindeberg, , + 45 45 5163 2570

Contact person:
Karina Skov Lisberg, , +45 5138 0547



Capital Region

Mads Monrad Hansen, mail: , phone: 2762 2195

Contact person:
Nina Heede Ulrich, mail: , phone: 2162 2479

Zealand Region

Mahad Mussa Huniche, , + 45 5787 5283

Contact person:
Bo Borg Mikkelsen, , + 45 9357 7617

Region of Southern Denmark

Head of Department

Contact person:
Thomas Schmidt, , +45 6550 7547

Central Jutland Region

Contact person:
Jesper Bredmose Simonsen, , +45 4012 1194

Jørgen Schøler Kristensen, , +45 2016 3201

North Jutland Region

Contact person:
Gitte Wimmer, , 24 52 09 13

Jane Bjerregaard Rasmussen, , 22 47 41 04

Assessment of application
How does the assessment process take place?

If you are selected to present your project to an expert panel, prepare for a 10-minute presentation and then 15 minutes for questions and dialogue with the panel. The panel is subject to confidentiality.

The Board of Innovation Fund Denmark will then make the final decision.

Once you have submitted your project, we strive to provide you with a response to your application within 14 days of your presentation.

Who judges the application?

The panel consists of people with experience in research, development, innovation, business development and entrepreneurship.

List of names of Innoexplorer panel members.

How is your application assessed?

We evaluate your project ifølge følgende Kriteriet:.

  • Quality of research, development and innovation : High quality innovation, development and research. It's clear what the idea will ultimately result in and that this is different clearly from competing solutions.
  • Business potential and value creation : The idea will eventually result in a commercial product or benefit society in some other way.
  • Economic efficiency : The investment in the project is commensurate with the expected potential and the project's risks.
  • Implementation : The team has the right competencies for successful implementation of the project and that there is a clear plan to put the idea into practice.
How do I get a response to my application?

You will be notified of the outcome of your application via a letter in e-grant. Once you have received a response to that application, you are welcome to arrange a short follow-up meeting with representatives from Innovation Fund Denmark.

When will I receive a response to my application?

We strive to provide you with a response to your application 6-8 weeks after the application deadline.

If you are selected to present your project to an expert panel, strive to provide you with a response to your application within 14 days of your presentation.

From approval to start-up of project
What happens after my application is approved?

If the project receives a commitment, you must accept the commitment via e-grant.

When can the project start?

The project can be started immediately after an accepted commitment, and must be started no later than 2 months after the commitment.

During the project
How is the investment paid out?

Payment of the investment is made to the institution where the main applicant is employed.

One advance payment of 85% of the approved amount is made at the start of the project. At the end of the project, accounts and a professional evaluation presentation are submitted via and the remaining 15% is paid out when Innovation Fund Denmark has approved the accounts and the professional evaluation presentation.

Do I have to submit accounts or report during the project?


What happens if I can not keep the plan?

It is possible to agree on adjustments in the project during the process, eg activities, partners or the distribution of the budget.

Requests for adjustments must be approved by Innovation Fund Denmark. Approval presupposes that the changes are reasonably justified. Requests for changes are made via the system e‐ and are further described in the grant letter.

What should I do when completing the project?

At the end of the project, you must answer a short questionnaire and submit an evaluation presentation via, which describes the project's progress, project results and the immediate plans to continue the project.

Further information on the questionnaire and the evaluation presentation will be available in the e-grant at the end of the project.

Innovation Fund Denmark can choose to convene an evaluation meeting to hear more about the project.

In addition, a final account must be submitted via e-grant at the end of the project. The template used for the final accounts will be available in e-grant at the end of the project

Expenses incurred on the items fees for external / services and materials and rental of equipment must be documented via invoices presented in the final accounts. Expenses that are specified in the project budget or approved by Innovation Fund Denmark can only be covered by a subsequent re-budgeting. All expenses must be borne within the project period.


Contact Innovation Fund Denmark


Annemarie Etzerodt, Program Advisor
Tel: 6190 5015

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