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Climate, environment and green conversion

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Climate change places great demands on our ability to find technological and innovative solutions that can accelerate the green transition. Both in Denmark and in the rest of the world. Innovation Fund Denmark contributes to solving the climate challenges by investing in green research and innovation and by building bridges between researchers and companies.

Ambitious and sustainable green research and innovation initiatives
Danish research and innovation must contribute to solving the big and difficult challenges that are crucial to achieving goals with the government's green goals. Innovation Fund Denmark invests in research and innovation projects that can develop the green technologies and solutions needed to transform Denmark into a sustainable future, where we reduce greenhouse gas emissions, protect our environment and nature and create a green business adventure in Denmark.

This applies to green projects in energy production and efficiency, agriculture and food production, transport, the environment and the circular economy, nature and biodiversity, as well as sustainable behavior and the social consequences of climate change. Central to the projects that can be supported is that they make a significant contribution to the green transition and that the expectations for these contributions can be clarified in the applications.


Green research strategy and green missions
As part of the government's new green research strategy, Innovation Fund Denmark will focus further on investments in the green transition. The strategy sets a clear direction for how Denmark should contribute to ensuring the development of new green technologies and solutions. The government has appointed four specific research missions, which Innovation Fund Denmark must help to support:

  • Capture and storage or use of CO2
  • Green fuels for transport and industry (Power-to-X, etc.)
  • Climate- and environment-friendly agriculture and food production
  • Recycling and reduction of plastic waste.

Read more about the green missions here.

- Innovation Fund Denmark is ready to play an essential role in the implementation of the new green research strategy. & nbsp; We are ready to intensify the cooperation between the various actors, the business community and the Danish knowledge institutions and contribute to ensuring the strategy's impact, which will pave the way for Danish competitiveness in green conversion, says Anne Marie Levy Rasmussen, director of Innovation Fund Denmark.

Read the agreement on the research reserve 2021

Read the government's green research strategy

Nearly 800 million DKK for the green transition in 2020
Open section, Nearly 800 million DKK for the green transition in 2020

At the end of 2019, the parliamentary parties agreed to set aside approx. 800 million DKK, which Innovation Fund Denmark was given the task of implementing in the green area for a large number of research and innovation projects within climate, energy, environment, bioresources and more.

Out of the 800 million was DKK 100 million. earmarked the international area, among other things through the European EUROSTARS program.

800 million in 2020 was the highest grant budget to date in the green area for Innovation Fund Denmark.

Funding of a large number of large green research projects
A significant part of the funds was implemented under the Grand Solutions program, which funds large partnerships between researchers and companies and thus supports strategic green research and innovation.

However, in 2020 the foundation also financed a large number of green entrepreneurs and SMEs under, among others, the Fund's programs Innobooster, Innofounder, Innoexplorer and Industrial Researcher.

Large investments in the energy field
A significant part of the green funds was implemented in the energy field, where approx. 260 million was invested in energy projects within a number of research areas, including solar energy, wind energy, heat supply, Power2X, electrolysis, energy storage and energy efficiency.

In addition, the Fund also raised more than DKK 200 million. research and innovation projects within the environment and biological resources, including projects within special water and food.

Green transition in construction
In 2020, the Fund also placed special focus on green conversion and circular economy in construction with the special call "Construction's green conversion".

This entailed the realization of almost DKK 30 million. in collaboration with Realdania. The construction sector in Denmark accounts for 20 percent of total CO2 emissions, and in addition, among other things. The CO2 footprint from the production of materials and transport to the construction site. Therefore, it was crucial for the Fund to make significant efforts in this area.

Huge interest in green funds
During the year, there was enormous interest from researchers, companies and entrepreneurs to apply for the Fund's green funds. In 2020, Innovation Fund Denmark received 445 applications within the green area for a total amount applied for of almost DKK 5.2 billion. kr.

Innovation Fund Denmark's climate panel
Open section, Innovation Fund Denmark's climate panel


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Innovation Fund Denmark has set up an ambitious climate panel, which includes leading researchers from home and abroad, some of the country's largest companies, interest groups, investors and many more with a clear focus on concrete solutions.

The panel aims to bring researchers and companies together to ensure that Denmark gets the most out of the billions of kroner that the Fund invests in climate projects.

Specifically, the climate panel will provide input on how Denmark and the rest of the world will have the greatest possible effect from Innovation Fund Denmark's investments in climate-related projects.

In addition, the climate panel must help to encourage researchers, entrepreneurs and the business community to increase investment in and investment in research and technological development.


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Members of Innovation Fund Denmark's climate panel:

Anne Marie Falktoft, Head of Department Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science

Bo Foged, CEO, ATP

Bo Øksnebjerg, Secretary General, WWF

Brian Vad Mathiassen, Professor, Aalborg University

Claus Krogh Ekmann, Director, Danish Ecological Council

Claus Møller, CEO, Siemens

Connie Hedegaard, Chairwoman, Concito

Dasha Krivonos, CEO, Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies

Emily Farnworth, Head of Climate Change, World Economic Forum

Flemming Besenbacher, Vice Chairman, IFD / Carlsberg Foundation

Hanne Søndergaard, EVP, Marketing & Innovation, Arla

Henrik Stiesdal, CEO, Stiesdal Technology

Ib Enevoldsen, CEO, Rambøll

Ingrid Reumert, Vice President, Velux

Jakob Askou Bøss, Senior Vice President, Ørsted

Jakob Møller, Deputy Permanent Secretary, Danish Ministry of Energy, Utilities and Climate

Jens Kehlet Nørskov, Professor, Technical University Denmark

Johannes Løneborg, Partner, McKinsey

Jørgen Olesen, Professor, Aarhus University iClimate

Kasper Roed Jensen, Vice President, Vestas

Katherine Richardson, Professor, Board member of the Danish Climate Council, Copenhagen University

Kim Fausing, CEO, Danfoss

Kim Grøn Knudsen, EVP, Sustainables Business Unit, Haldor Topsøe

Kirsten Halsnæs, Professor, Technical University Denmark

Laila Mortensen, CEO, Industriens Pension

Lars Schrøder, CEO, Aarhus Water

Lars Aagard, CEO, Danish Energy

Mads Nipper, CEO, Grundfos

Jens la Cour, EU and environmental policy senior adviser, Danish Society for Nature Conservation

Thomas Uhd, Sustainability Director, Aalborg Portland

Michael Zellner, Managing Director, The Danish Green Investment Fund

Monika Skadborg, Chairwoman, Young Climate Council

Nick Johnstone, Head of Division, IEA

Peter Birch Sørensen, Professor, Copenhagen University

Peter Høngaard, Former CEO, Innovation Fund Denmark

Peter Normann Vangsbo, Nordic Business Developer, Climate-KIC Nordic

Sofus Rex, Head of Department, Danish Ministry of Environment and Food

Thomas Mathiasen, Scientific Officer, Innovation Fund Denmark

Tore Duvold, CEO, Innovation Fund Denmark

John Kornerup Bang, Head, Sustainability Strategy, Maersk

Jesper Nygaard, CEO, RealDania

Bjarne Foldager, Senior Vice President, Head of Two Stroke Business, MAN Energy Solutions

Thomas Woldbye, Adm. Director, CPH

Andrew McMullen, Director of Zero Environmental Impact, LEGO

Lars W. Andersen, Director, SAS

Jesper Sølver Schou, Economic Council

Michael H. Nielsen, Director, Danish Construction

Niels Peter Nørring, Climate Director, Agriculture & Food

Jacob Krog Søbygaard, Head of Secretariat, Climate Council Secretariat

Ulrich Bang, Energy Manager, Danish Chamber of Commerce



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